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2016-11-13 15:47:29 by ls9405

So, this is a poll for UT Fan Boss Battles :
Thanks for voting!

UT Fan Boss Battles

2016-11-13 12:29:47 by ls9405

So, I'm going to be pausing development on Charatale and making a new game : Undertale Fan Boss Battles

Here it is on Gamejolt :

Once I finish that game, I will continue developing Charatale. Thank you for reading this.


2016-11-09 07:40:53 by ls9405

Hello, So I won't be making Undertale Dating Sim, I'm making a game called Charatale - The First Human. You can find it on Gamejolt. Here :

It's still not finished, so forgive me, the demo is done, you can play it. Also TIP, look in the kitchen in Toriel's house. ;)

New Game

2016-11-07 09:26:57 by ls9405

So, Undertale Dating Sim is actually a visual novel. And sadly, Tem is NOT the first person you can date. It's unknown for now. Thanks for reading!

New Game

2016-11-06 11:59:34 by ls9405

Hello. I have started making a new game : Undertale Dating Sim

I don't know if you'll like it, but the first person you can date will be... Tem!

I will be releasing the demo once Tem is finished. Please rate when it comes out, so I can know if you like it so far.

Thank you for reading. hOi! im tEm!!!!